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The Three Most Important Things for a Smooth Event Day

The three most important things for a smooth event day

You have planned the perfect party…are you really ready for event day?  We have put together this list of the 3 most important things that we think will make your event day run as smoothly possible.

Data Entry

Before the event even begins you must have your data in your system …a good event cannot happen without proper data entry. In a previous blog we have gone through how to pick your software, once the decision is made, get to know your software.  It is extremely important that your guest list with information and seating is properly entered before event day.  As well as making sure that your items are in the system and ready to be sold you want to make sure the description is accurate, and all restrictions are included this is even more important if you are doing a mobile, online or virtual event.

One thing that is often forgotten during the data entry phase are your multi sale items, things like raffle tickets, opportunity’s drawings, and other fun games.  It is important that these items are in the system a head of the event to make entering sales of them easy and quick during the event.  Your donation (fund-a-need) levels should also be entered into your software pre-event this allows for quick sales entry and for donations which normally happen at the end of a live event so particularly important.


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Okay we have now onto event day, the next important thing is especially important. It is the first impression your guests have of your amazing event.  Check-in!  Not only does check-in give your guests the information they need table number, bid number etc. but it also is our best opportunity to get the information you need to make them a partner with your organization in the future.  Therefore, it is important for your guest information in your software be as accurate as possible pre-event, you do not want to waste your guests time with asking for info you already have.

You will want to make sure that your check-in is adequately staffed, we at Auction Event Solutions recommend one pre-trained check-in staff / station per 75 guests.  It is easier to get guest information as well as pre swipe a credit card for guests if they do not feel they have waited a long time so if the check-in is quick and efficient you have a better chance of getting everything you want right from the start.  You also want to make sure that all guest packets or hand outs are prepared in advance this is including bid cards, drink tickets, giveaway’s, or any other items your guests will need from this point forward.  Remember the quicker more efficient and pleasant this is the easier getting info is which in turn makes check-out easier and that makes overall happier guests.

Side note this goes for online/virtual guests also, just a bit different.  What I mean it you want check-in for them to be easy also, make sure the link to the site is easily found, do not make your guest search for it.  Also make sure all info you already have for your guest is in the system, so they don’t have to re-enter it all and when setting up your registration form make sure you only ask for the info you really need, you don’t want your guest having to take time to enter info you don’t need.

Item Pickup

And now we come to what I believe is the most important part of the evening…item pickup. This is your guest’s last impression of you, you could have had the most beautiful heart felt over the top event but if your guest waits in line to get their item that is all they will remember, not to mention all they will talk about for weeks.  Make sure you have an area prepared in advance large enough for all your items to be sorted and prepared for your guest.

We suggest (time permitting) to do what we call Reconfiguration; this is where you reorganize your items in order of winning bidder, we have a whole process of how to do this I will share that in a future blog. Make sure you have plenty of staff for this process and for handing out, we suggest 1 staff for every 25-30 items.  Then when your guests are ready to leave, they just come to the table give their bid number and like magic their items are brought to them.  With this system your guests will not wait in line, you will not have lost items and no unpaid items will be given out.

With these 3 main things you will have a much smother running event.  There are so many other tricks we would love to share with you give us a call and see how we can help your event run even smoother.