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What makes us different

What makes us different

"I can't believe how calm you are!" ...that is what we often hear.

With 30 years of non-profit event management experience, we know what it takes to produce a successful event and profitable fundraising event.

Auction Event Solutions was founded by Eileen Hayden 30 years ago with a desire to serve the non-profit industry in a way no one was at the time. She set out to create a company that would provide expertise fundraising event management and support services that were supported by cutting edge event management software. And she succeeded.

Auction Event Solutions provides fundraising event management and support that will make your event an extra-special experience for you and your guests at a price your non-profit can afford. Year after year, our clients come back because of our proven results and unparalleled service.

Successful fundraising is a science as well as an art and we know the statistics. We know through experience what works and what does not, we stay up on all the new trends, and we have some original ideas that can make your event even more successful.

Plus, we work with a few of the most sophisticated fundraising auction software out there, any software we recommend has to have been vetted by us. There are so many choices out there these days it can be hard to know what is the best for you to use. The programs we recommend have to have met our high standards and supply us with the services we need to make an event run smoothly.

Who We are

Eileen Hayden

Founding Owner and CFRE

Eileen Hayden has over 30 years of experience in charity event management and non-profit fundraising. She is a certified fundraising executive and holds a certificate in fundraising from the University of California, Irvine. She is an esteemed member of the Association of Fundraising Professionals and has also served on the board of the Orange County Chapter of the Association of Fundraising Professionals.

Eileen's impressive career began at the University of California, Los Angeles, where she successfully managed an annual giving campaign, established a travel program, and flawlessly executed major fundraising events for the UCLA Athletic Department. Prior to establishing her own business, she held the position of program director for the UCI Alumni Association, where she expertly produced numerous events, including the highly regarded annual "Lauds & Laurels" recognition dinner.

While working in the non-profit industry, Eileen identified a significant gap in the services available to organizations. She observed that many non-profits were encountering challenges in organizing and executing successful fundraising events. Given that these events typically occur only once a year, these organizations lacked the necessary expertise, resources, and equipment to handle the various aspects involved. Considering the substantial impact these events could have on an organization's annual revenue, Eileen drew upon her experience gained at UCLA and established Auction Event Solutions in 2002. Since then, she and her team have provided consultation services to numerous organizations nationwide, effectively bridging the service gap within the non-profit sector.

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Fabia Sanz

Senior Event Management Lead

Fabia has been an event lead with Auction Event Solutions since its inception. Her meticulous attention to detail and calm demeanor makes her an oasis in the chaos of an event night. Fabia possesses a wide range of skills, from efficient data entry to seamless item pick-up, all accompanied by a warm and composed smile. She firmly believes that thorough preparation paves the way for a successful event, and she leverages her extensive 20+ years of experience to offer clients invaluable pre-event preparation ideas and event strategies. Her comprehensive knowledge of various types of events and event software brings assurance and peace of mind to her clients, who trust her to handle any challenge that comes her way. Regardless of the situation, Fabia maintains her composure and never fails to deliver exceptional results. With Fabia on-site, problems miraculously dissipate.

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Kaci Massie

Senior Event Management Lead

Kaci began her journey with Auction Event Solutions as a valuable member of the event support staff and quickly found her niche. Her warm smile and unwavering passion seamlessly integrated her into the world of non-profit fundraising events. With her innovative and imaginative approach, she re-imagined our process of item pick-up and successfully assisted numerous clients in acquiring the perfect items for their auctions. She accomplished all of this within the initial few years of her tenure. As time progressed, Kaci not only assumed the role of Senior Event Management Lead for the past decade, but she also continued to assist clients in procuring ideal auction items. Additionally, for the past five years, she has honed her skills as our event software site designer, mastering the intricacies of utilizing event software to create visually stunning and highly functional event sites for our clients. Kaci's passion for fundraising and her clients is evident as she consistently generates exciting and innovative ideas to maximize the profitability of her clients’ events. It is her out of the box quick thinking that has positioned her as an invaluable asset to Auction Event Solutions and her clients for over 15 years and counting.

Jana Whidbee

Office Manager and Reconfiguration Specialist

Jana has become a vital asset to Auction Event Solutions during her 10+ years. She initially joined us as event support and quickly became a favorite among our clients and their guests. While excelling in all aspects of event management, she has found her true calling in item pickup, demonstrating exceptional skills in reconfiguration and ensuring utmost guest satisfaction. Recently, Jana has taken on the role of office manager at Auction Event Solutions, a position that she has embraced wholeheartedly. Her outstanding efforts in organizing our calendar, clients, and staff have resulted in a highly efficient and smoothly operating back office for Auction Event Solutions.