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 Event Management

Event Management

We provide hands-on event management services that help you run your non-profit or charity events smoothly, creating enjoyable guest experiences from the moment they arrive until they leave. From removing lines at check-in and auction item pick-up to finding the right auction items and displaying them, we know what it takes to create that happy and successful event experience. We provide a free event planning consultation, pre-event services, day-of-event services, and post-event follow-up services.

Event Planning Consultation

First, because we know every event is different, we like to have an event planning consultation where we learn all about you and your organization's event history. We want to know everything: what have you done in the past? Who are your supporters, donors, guests, and volunteers, and what are your event goals? Every event has its own unique characteristics, so by having this event planning consultation, we will be able to come up with the perfect plan for your event. In this consultation, we can also help you choose an event management software if you do not already have one.

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Services Provided

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Pre-Event Services

  • Event Planning Consolation
  • Auction & Fundraising Software Selection
  • Requesting / Procurement of Items for Auction
  • Preparation of Items for Auction
  • Data Entry & Software Set-up
  • Site Visits & Planning Meetings
  • Printing of Event Collaterals
  • Rentals of Bid Sheet clipboards and Lucite frames

We can lend our hands to you as much as you need. Auction Event Services can help with requesting items for your auction and preparing those items for display. We are experts at data entry, so we can make quick work of entering guests and items into your event management software. We can also print and prepare your event collaterals, things like bid cards, bid sheets, catalogs, item display sheets, and name tags.

When it comes to setting up your auction, we can help with that, too. We can bring a staff to set up and display your items in a visually pleasing and bid-friendly way. Doing a virtual event? We can help there, too. Auction Event Solutions can make sure your bidding website (through software) is set up correctly, and your items look appealing and are presented well online for your guests.

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Day-of-Event Services

  • Auction Set-up
  • Equipment Rentals
  • On-site Experienced Lead & Assistant
  • Additional On-Site event staff
  • Volunteer and Staff Training
  • Manage guest registration
  • Mobile Bidding guest assistance
  • Silent Auction Management
  • Sales Entry & Data Entry
  • Live Auction Recording
  • Manage Guest Check out & Item Pick-ups
  • End of Night Reports

Event day is where we shine. We take the stress of a crazy event day off your shoulders. Our team can manage your event from registration to check out. On the day of your event, you will have on-site one of our experienced leads and an assistant. Auction Event Services can also provide additional trained staff if you need it. Our lead can provide event day software training for your event staff and volunteers.

We can manage or staff your registration. This could include checking in guests, troubleshooting guest issues, getting contact info, and requesting pre-swipe payment. During the event, your Auction Event Services staff can handle all aspects of your fundraising, from managing the auction, entering sales, preparing receipts, reconfiguring items for guest pick-up, and managing guest check-out. We even have full computer stations with printers, iPads, and software-specific credit card readers available.

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Post-Event Services

  • Wrap up meeting
  • Data Clean up
  • Running of Charges
  • Preparation of Final Guest Receipt (Thank You Letter) through software
  • Post-event analysis
  • Outstanding Payments Report
  • Payment Declined Report
  • Event Summary Report

A post-event follow-up is crucial to having a successful next event. We use our expertise to give you a true Post-event analysis. This helps you see what when well and where improvements can be made. Your lead can walk you through your payment processing, using your event software to batch-run your charges.

We can clean up your data in preparation for your next event or donor database transfer. They can also help you prepare your final guest receipts and /or thank you letter via email. AES is with you as long as you need us. You can always contact us for help with post-event reports or any questions you may have.

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